This has changed the way we do business forever, or has it? When this phenomena first emerged I was told that you need to get on board and quickly! I was raising money for our Global Tribe aid programs at the time, based out of Nashville Tennessee, and it seemed everybody believed that social-media was the future. So I asked the obvious questions, how dose it work and where are the examples of it working? When, how and where could we use it? 

I was told the stories of larger aid agencies that had used it, and that it resulted in huge amounts of money being raised. 

Still trying to work it out in my head, I asked more and more questions. The conclusion I came to was that this was indeed a revolution, but still didn’t short-circuit the basic principles of business, to find a need and fill it! 

Offering a great product or service that meets someones need, serves a persons dream or solves problem

Or the time-tested principle of advertising: word-of-mouth. The greatest ad in the world is still word-of-mouth; now more powerful than ever as a result of social media. This revolution means that now instead of our marketplace being the small village we grew up in, our marketplace can be the global village in which we now live, only a few clicks away. 

Business is a relationship! It’s a relationship with interest groups in our local communities oras a result of the internet, communities anywhere on the planet. In a way the internet makes the globelocal! This is why I named this organization, Global Tribe.