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My involvement in property is not simply the challenge of constructing buildings on time and on budget, but to understand the multitude of laws that relate to tax, subdivisions, resource and building consents, contractual issues, and the list goes on and on.
Laws that govern companies, property, insurance, insolvency,  bankruptcy, maritime (the law of the sea), intellectual property-copy rights, trademarks, patents, artists.

Chapter 22  Contracts, Tax and other Good Stuff!

Chapter 23  What Legal structure shall I Create?

Chapter 24  What dose the Law say about Tax?

Chapter 25  How do I protect my business idea?

Chapter 26  Do all of my staff need contracts?



On entering or thinking about the enterprise universe we need to ask ourselves the big philosophical question, is the bottom line of business to make money?  Are our innovations all about making a large profit?
Innovation, when it comes to a new or existing enterprise it is all about making the customer wealthy in some department of their lives. Wealth, broadly defined touches on a number of areas in a persons life - social wealth, intellectual wealth, cultural wealth, spiritual wealth, and material wealth. 

Chapter 27  Whats the bottom-line?

Chapter 28  How do I do the accounting?

Chapter 29  Whats some practical tax advice?

Chapter 30  The Seven Deadly Sins!



Today, a lot is written about leadership and entrepreneurship, and the subject of management is often neglected. The old model of management, Covey points out, is based on the military model, and is not working for a new generation of young employees. Great entrepreneurs are not always great managers, and often especially weak at administration. Management is the ability to coordinate people in oder to achieve the goals and objectives  of the owner, utilizing available recourses efficiently and effectively. 

Chapter 31Clock Builders?  

Chapter 32  Whats makes a Great Manager?

Chapter 33  Whats is the Best way to Structure my Enterprise?

Chapter 34  What Operational Systems do I need in place?


Innovation is best defined by Ian Hunter in his book, Imagine, as the process of generating wealth from new ideas - taking what resides in your imagination and converting it into reality, into profit.
Most enterprise startup’s come out of an existing job or another business. In fact in my country of New Zealand around half of all entrepreneurs will start their business in the same industry as their present job.

Chapter 35 Why?

Chapter 36  How do I write a business plan?

Chapter 37  Where do I find investors?

Chapter 38  How do I go about buying an existing business?

Chapter 39  How I kick off?

Chapter 40  Summary

Chapter  41 Wisdom

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