Imagine a world without words, a life of silence with no vibrations that form any meaningful and not so meaningful conversation.  No small talk or big talk.   No music, no verbal conversation, no connection to the world of sound!

The ear, one of our five senses, is a most amazing biological machine, and possesses approximately one million moving parts. It also has one hundred thousand hair cells functioning as motion sensors – that give us our sense of balance.

The super sensitivity of this incredible organ makes it possible, on a still night, to hear a cricket chirping from one and a half miles away. This is how it happens. The sound waves or vibrations of the door shutting, or a person’s laughter, travel into the inner sanctum of the eardrum, touching or hitting its super sensitive membrane.  This membrane is like the skin covering a drum and is approximately the thickness of a piece of paper. It is so sensitive that the brain can detect sound wave impressions less than the diameter of a hydrogen molecule.  In this highly sophisticated studio there are the tiniest bones in the body. They are commonly known as the hammer, anvil and stirrup.  When the eardrum vibrates it’s through these tiny connected bones that the sound waves are transferred to the cochlea and the organ of corti, the next destination on their journey to the brain

The organ of Corti is described by Richard A Swenson in his book, More Than Meets the Eye, as “a musical instrument of sorts; if a piano has eighty eight keys, the organ of Corti has over twenty thousand keys.  It can distinguish between two thousand different pitches.” 1 Within this organ the vibrations are processed through thousands of super sensitive hair cells, converting them into electrical impulses to be transmitted to the brain through the auditory nerve.

Richard Swenson points out that “the ear is a microphone, an acoustical amplifier and a frequency analyzer.” Thinking about this most amazing process I stand in awe yet again at the genius of our Designer. Without this ability communication, conversation and friendship is made difficult.  The ability to hear the voice of our Maker transmitting thoughts of love, knowledge, inspiration and correction, is also an amazing gift.  Spiritual vibrations end up in the same place as natural vibrations.  Instead of making their entrance through our eardrum, spiritual vibrations enter via my spirit and are immediately transmitted to the brain to become a thought or feeling. 

Jesus taught that, “Man [or woman] shall not live by bread alone” 2, but by every word or vibration that is transmitted from God. Some call it a hunch! Mother Teresa teaches that “Silence of heart is necessary so you can hear the Creator everywhere - in the closing of a door, in the person who needs you, in the birds that sing, in the flowers and in the animals.” 3 “In this place of silence”, she taught, “We will find a new outlook on life, a new energy and true unity with the love of Christ.” 4   Originally the human spirit was designed to be the sanctuary where our Creator lived and communed with us, but no longer functions to the degree it once did.




At a purely physical level we listen to the sounds, sensations and voices of our world through the five senses: sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing.  The vast array of information fed through these amazing receptors is fired off to the brain to be analyzed and processed for action.  No matter what the input, it lives on in our memory as a huge databank of information and experience.

Hearing the voice of our Creator happens by learning to hear the voice of intuition.  Known as the sixth sense, intuition is a powerful inner voice warning us in time to avoid impending danger, prompting us to do good when we know we should.  It is the voice of instinct, imagination, self-honesty, conscience, truth and wisdom.  This is a voice of both good and evil, of Gollum and Smeagol- an interesting character from the movie - Lord of The Rings.  It is the creators voice of inspiration, information and confrontation. It is thinking in blue.

Intuition is a part of our spiritual intelligence, something that goes beyond the level of processing the information being received through our five senses.  Intuition is the voice of the human spirit giving us knowledge or wisdom and seems to come from nowhere: the premonition you experience that gives an uncanny knowledge of a future event, the supernatural knowledge that tells you someone is coming to visit, or as in the experience of a friend, that someone has just died.

Premonitions are evidence of what we call miracles, because they surpass natural reasoning abilities, and are unobtainable through the five senses.  Intuition is a guide for many business people in the decision-making process, often called a hunch. The intuition of a woman when assessing a hidden motive or the character of person, is intuitive knowledge – deadly accurate.

Although our subconscious brain draws on a massive storehouse of experience and information stored as memories, intuition goes beyond the natural process of reasoning. It is imparted.  It is knowledge from beyond the walls of the five senses. It is the Creator of the universe giving us what King Solomon taught was the gift of wisdom. 5 Not only do we have an intelligent designer who generously gives us His wisdom, whether we use it or not, but we receive wisdom and discernment through the faculties of perception. Perception includes: intuition, instinct, conscience, sub-conscious thought, and imagination. Blue thinking draws on these God- given abilities, helping us to navigate our way through life.